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123 tips for my grandchildren and yours kindle edition - 123 tips for my grandchildren and yours kindle edition by this book was written to give my grandchildren and your some tips on how to live in this fallen world as christians they are going to need a faith pleasing to god and with good courage not being overcome by this world, free ways to spend quality time with your grandchildren - read about free ways to spend quality time with your grandchildren and get christian grandparenting advice and tips with biblical guidance if you live in the same town as yours set up lunch, 6 essential tips for traveling with grandchildren - if you are lucky enough to have grandkids then you know how rewarding and a frustrating spending time with them can be at their best grandkids are a source of constant amusement and inspiration at their worst grandkids can turn a family outing into a family feud since family relationships are so important to getting the most from life after 60 we wanted to offer some tips for, 5 fun things to do with your grandchildren everydayfamily - 5 fun things to do with your grandchildren these magical twinkles make you want to revisit the fairy tale books that you loved as a child so gather those grandchildren of yours and immerse them in those beautiful stories 123 8 must have items for a trip to grandma and grandpa s house, tips for recording memories stories for your grandkids - tips for recording memories stories for your grandkids what was life like when you were growing up or when you decided to have children when your grandchildren were born you can give your grandchildren something that no one else can a gift of your memories within 13 months i lost my father and father in law, how to pray for your grandchildren kate battistelli - i believe each of my grandchildren are world changers and yours are too before your grandchild s birth his destiny and the plan for his life were determined god has already dreamed a big dream for that child we can dig deep with god to discover clues to his dream and pray what we see as he reveals it, an open letter to my grandchildren 10 things i want them - what words of wisdom can i give this younger generation my grandchildren what life lessons can i tell them that will make their lives happier more meaningful and more purposeful i would like to share with you my thoughts live life on your own terms each of us has special gifts and talents so embrace everything that is unique about you, advice to my grandchildren analyze now - advice to my grandchildren i ve learned lots sometimes from school sometimes from other people sometimes from the media sometimes from making a mistake and sometimes from just plain luck here are the things that i think are important time reputation and good health are your most valuable assets money doesn t hurt either and there is, air travel tips for grandparents with grandchildren - lots of articles address traveling by air with children but few of them are geared to grandparents traveling with grandchildren without parents most grandparents won t be traveling solo with babies or toddlers so they don t need all the info about baby formula and strollers, how to cope with losing contact with grandchildren - if you are at fault apologize apologize apologize your dignity is not as important as restoring relations with your grandchild if after an honest evaluation you still believe you were not at fault apologize anyway and hope for the best you may also be able to regain contact with grandchildren, grandchildren are a gift our family 2 yours come and - grandchildren are a gift i recently had two of my grandchildren move to new york to me that is across the world i also have grandchildren in idaho and wyoming and oregon it is hard when you do not live purchase a webcam so you can see your grandchildren and talk to them face to face you can use facetime on your i phones as well